Patented Technology

Two Revolutionary Technologies for Reinforcement and Construction


Our patented FRP technology for seismic reinforcement and lifespan upgrading is cost effective.

Geopolymer Concrete

A cost effective alternative to OPC, Geopolymer Concrete dries faster and is more suited to harsh environments.

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FRP Technology

Used to repair, retrofit, and strengthen structures such as bridges, overpasses, and buildings.
PolyRAP's patented FRP adheres to timber, steel, or concrete structures.

FRP Spray was designed to increase shear and tensile strength in order to carry out emergency repairs after an earthquake or to strengthen structures prior to a seismic event with an easy to apply FRP spray gun. The structure would first be inspected and assessed by our licenced engineers using a variety of investigative instruments and techniques. Recommendations are made to the contractor on repair requirements and the product is then sprayed on based on thickness measurements determined by the engineer.

The United States alone has over 685,000 bridges past their service life. British Columbia is currently overhauling seismic requirements for schools, hospitals and infrastructure. PolyRAP's FRP Spray is a solution to seismic and lifespan upgrading.

  • Step #1

    Base Arrangement and Primer Resin

  • STEP #2

    Putty Arrangement

  • STEP #3

    Resin Coat

  • STEP #4

    Spraying and Impregnation

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Experience and Diversity
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Eric Marciniak

For the past four years Mr. Marciniak has been leading the development and commercialization of a new generation of sustainable concrete. The idea for Econcrete was developed out of the need to improve on the performance of ECO-Safe water dispersed polymers used to stabilize soils in cold and wet environments.
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Joe Gardner

Mr. Gardner is an experienced Certified Managment Account. He is currently the pricipal for a full service commodity tax firm specializing in performing tax audits of large North American companies and organizations. with additional experience in First Nation commodity tax consulting firm. Furthermore offering commodity tax consulting and audit training provided to accounting staff and Chief and Council at First Nation organizations and Indian Bands in Canada.
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Anant Parghi, PhD

Chief Engineer
Anant Parghi is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Engineering department. His extensive experience with concrete, recycled additives, and structural construction and repair makes him an ideal team member for developing the future of PolyRAP’s geopolymer concrete.
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Brendan Pogue, MBA

Business Development
Brendan studied his MBA in Europe at a top-rated French University where he placed among the top of his class. Previous work experience has been in the start-up business, where Brendan has successfully been involved in achieving over $300,000 in research grants, writing patents applications, developing new technologies and commercialization strategies.

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Geopolymer Concrete

Revolutionary Cost Effective Alternative to OPC

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