Dust Supressant

Project Description: Terratech used a light topical polymer application for a municipal road dust suppression project in the rural province of Extremadura. Dust generation in the rural parts of Spain is a big issue. Most non-urban municipal roads are constructed from aggregate road base or locally available crushed granite. During the dry summer months, dust generation reduces visibility, pollutes the environment and decreases the quality of life for local residents who live near these roads.

Project Objectives: Terratech used T-PRO® 500 to create a seal coat over the roads that would not only limit particulate emissions but also decrease the permeability of the surface during the wet season. The decrease in permeability will cause less rutting, potholes, raveling and general road surface degradation.

Equipment Used: Water Truck with Pressurized Spray Bar.

Application Specifications: All sections sealed with a topical seal coat at a coverage rate of 110 ft²/gal.

Maintenance Requirements: Removal of loose material from road surface and topical re-application of polymer seal coat at a coverage rate of 110 ft²/gal.

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