Recyled Glass as an Admix to Polymer and Geopolymer

PolyRAP has spent nearly two years refining the admixture of glass to polymer and geopolymer modified soils. The following is a simplified form of our research conclusions. We are currently seeking partners for our recycled products industry, both suppliers and end customers. Please contact us today for more information. 

As opposed to other fine particles, such as silts, glass has been found to offer more hydrophobic properties. Polymer modified and Geo-polymeric concrete pavements offer increased strength through chemical reactions.

 Glass resources across Canada are typically controlled by landfills. In Vancouver glass is crushed and recycled in a particular process. However in most cities, such as Calgary, glass is simply blended into the landfill along with household garbage. Projects will be evaluated in a case by case basis to determine the volumes and availability of recycled glass.

This project has demonstrated the feasibility of using recycled glass as an admixture to polymer modified soils and Geo-Polymer concrete.

PolyRAP Systems Ltd in collaboration with UBC,  has filed a U.S Patent for our newly developed Geo-Polymeric Concrete.



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